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Overnight Support

child_cuddling_ted.jpgOvernight Support: £750 (Plus Travel)

This support will see Julie arriving at 5pm. She will support and guide you through the night as we start implementing techniques and changes you are comfortable with. Julie will remain awake with you throughout the night allowing you to respond to your baby or child's needs whilst she talks you through step by step how to improve sleep habits and associations.

You will receive:


24 Hour Support: £950 (Plus Travel Costs + Accommodation if required)

This support is suitable for families who would like help in reviewing all aspects of their day and night including Breastfeeding support. This package is suitable for newborns through to any age under 8 although is commonly most popular with children under 18 months.

Julie will guide, support and encourage you as you start implementing the changes day and night. This 24-hour period should lead to all parents feeling more confident in moving forwards.

Julie will require some where to rest and access to a bathroom for a shower/wash. She will also require a 2-hour rest period within the 24 hours.

Following the visit you will receive: