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Overtired or Under-tired? How do I know?

Do you feel as if you are going round in circles with your baby/ child’s sleep? Maybe you think your baby isn’t tired enough and that is why they struggle to go to sleep. Understanding the Signs of both Overtiredness and Under-tiredness is helpful in finding a pattern for your day and looking for those sleep cues.

Co-Sleeping- Making safe decisions

If you are keen to co-sleep with your baby here are some tips and guidance to show how this can be done safely

Travelling with Babies or Children

Are you worried about how to manage Jet Lag? Here are Julie's Top Tips for Travelling

How light affects sleep

Did you know that the lighting we use leading up to bedtime and then through the night can impact on our baby and children's sleep. With so many manufactured lights which are advertised to 'promote sleep' we can easily assume these are supporting sleep rather than possibly inhibiting it.

Responding to Crying

Are you jolted by your baby's slightest expression of discomfort or dismay? Is your natural instinct to do anything in your power to stop your baby crying? When their cries aren't easily settled, it can be unnerving, frustrating and you can feel like a complete failure.


Okay, so you may not want to read this article over dinner but many of the families I see are concerned about whether their baby is constipated or not. I hope this article provides some information to help you recognise the symptoms and when you should seek professional advice and also some natural treatments that you as parents can do to help your baby.

Surviving Christmas

Rushing around, working out what you need to get, how soon should you buy the turkey and the stress of dreading the day with family you would rather not spend Christmas day with or alternatively the overwhelming feeling of loneliness as you and your children face Christmas alone with no other adults present. Here are Julie’s Top Tips for enjoying Christmas.


Tantrums are a normal part of your child’s development and although they can be wearing and frustrating to have to deal with, with a consistent approach and appropriate support they will get fewer and less frequent as your child learns how to cope with their feelings and their environment.

Being afraid of the dark

Do you have a child who is scared of the dark? Then read on to find out how to help support your child.

Tips for Fussy Eaters

Find out more about children who are fussy eaters and how to cope with it!

Sleep disorders

Use our questionnaire to determine whether your child is suffering from a sleep disorder. We may be able to help!

Night Terrors

Night Terrors is a sleep disorder in which children wake up within the first 90 minutes of sleep. Generally, they will scream loudly, sit bolt upright in bed, sweat profusely and have a rapid heartbeat.