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Services from In Safe Hands

Telephone consultations

For those times when you need someone to talk to, I offer two different consultation services.

Home visits

For those times when you need a higher level of support and guidance I will come and visit you at home to gain a more in-depth understanding of your family environment.

Sleep Consultant

In a very short period of time, the majority of sleep issues can be resolved but it can be very challenging to make these changes on your own. Did you know that after only 72 hours of sleep disruption or deprivation the brain becomes incapable of putting an emotional event into its proper perspective? Therefore, even when you want to respond effectively to your baby or child when they are not sleeping, it becomes impossible to do so.

Maternity nursing

I offer maternity nursing for Newborns to 6 months As a qualified and experienced (MNT) Maternity Nurse I can come to your home from when the baby is born to support and offer advice and guidance In those early days. I will work to a routine which is right for you and can help with Breastfeeding issues, reflux and colic.

Behaviour support

When children are constantly testing the boundaries and being aggressive and defiant towards parents, other adults and their peers, I can support you and your child in understanding how to manage this behaviour and also work with your child to help them learn to express their feelings appropriately. If you feel you need some strategies to deal with difficult situations either in home or at school then have a look at this section to see how I can help.

Training services

As of August 2017 Julie is establishing her Training Programme for those interested in working as a Sleep Consultant and those who are looking for opportunities for Continued Professional Development


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